Brad & Loren

Fall Engagement Session

It was the perfect day for a fall engagement session.  The leaves were falling, wind was blowing, and it was overcast.  Ideally, it probably wasn’t the weather Brad and Loren had imagined when they were planning for their engagement session, but for me it was perfect.  I’m all about bringing a certain feel to photos.  I love when you look at a photograph and you can tell the mood, or what the weather was like.  Photography is all about conveying emotion and bringing it back when you look at a picture.  This is exactly what Brad and Loren’s engagement session does.  It brings me back to the fact that it was overcast and fall was just beginning to show its face.  In fact, this was one of the first fall engagement sessions of 2013.  In just a few short months, the two of them would be saying I DO on a beautiful beach in Cancun, Mexico.  Guess who they hired to shoot the wedding?  Yep, Savanna Sutton Photography!    Trust me, I couldn’t be happier!

A little bit about the couple: Brad and Loren live in Ada, Oklahoma.  One of the things that they wanted to incorporate in the fall engagement session were a few locations that are special to them.  We were able to use Brad’s dads land, which produced some really amazing shots!  There was this amazing cave/waterfall that had moss growing down the side of it, rocks all around.  It took some man power getting down to it, but it was worth the hike and climb!  We were also able to capture some candid moments of them fishing.  One of the things I learned in their about me questionnaire, was that they both loved spending time together outdoors partaking in activities such as fishing and hunting.  It worked in really well with the session.  These two had a blast during the session and you can really see the love they have for each other!  Brad and Loren, I am more than excited to shoot your wedding this January and I look forward to seeing you guys as a married couple! Love you both!!






Brad and Loren were suppose to be “pretend”fishing, if there is such a thing, but every time Brad would cast out, he would reel a fish in! It made for some excitement during the shoot!



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