OKC Thunder Engagement| Anna & Taylor

Anna & Taylor are Thunder Fans!! I was more than excited to find out that they had access to the arena, which would allow us to shoot their engagement session where the Oklahoma City Thunder play!  Anna and Taylor have set their date to 1-2-16 and had custom “Davis” jerseys with those numbers on them!  They were so cute!  I often tell couples, if there is something the two of them enjoy doing together, to incorporate it into the session!  They really went above and beyond!  Here are a few of my favorite images from the Okc Thunder Engagement Session:

Okc Thunder- Savanna Sutton Photographyokc-thunder-engagement-savanna-sutton-photography-oklahoma-photographer-okc-tulsa-ada_0002okc-thunder-engagement-savanna-sutton-photography-oklahoma-photographer-okc-tulsa-ada_0003okc-thunder-engagement-savanna-sutton-photography-oklahoma-photographer-okc-tulsa-ada_0004okc-thunder-engagement-savanna-sutton-photography-oklahoma-photographer-okc-tulsa-ada_0005okc-thunder-engagement-savanna-sutton-photography-oklahoma-photographer-okc-tulsa-ada_0006okc-thunder-engagement-savanna-sutton-photography-oklahoma-photographer-okc-tulsa-ada_0007okc-thunder-engagement-savanna-sutton-photography-oklahoma-photographer-okc-tulsa-ada_0008After shooting at the arena, we headed off to a location that Anna had scouted out before the session.  It was a rainy, overcast day but we didn’t let that stop us.  Anna had a cute bubble umbrella that we were able to use since the rain was coming and going.  We ended up at place in Oklahoma city called The Womb.  Google it!  you won’t be disappointed.

The Womb- Savanna Sutton Photographyokc-thunder-engagement-savanna-sutton-photography-oklahoma-photographer-okc-tulsa-ada_0010okc-thunder-engagement-savanna-sutton-photography-oklahoma-photographer-okc-tulsa-ada_0011okc-thunder-engagement-savanna-sutton-photography-oklahoma-photographer-okc-tulsa-ada_0012okc-thunder-engagement-savanna-sutton-photography-oklahoma-photographer-okc-tulsa-ada_0013okc-thunder-engagement-savanna-sutton-photography-oklahoma-photographer-okc-tulsa-ada_0014After we finished up at The Womb, the weather had started to clear.  We headed over to the Sky bridge to wrap the session up!  What’s really cool about the sky bridge, is that you can see the Devon Tower in the background.  Taylor proposed to Anna at the Devon tower, so it has a special meaning to the two of them!  I’m so glad we were able to incorporate this into their session.

Okc sky bridge- Savanna Sutton Photographyokc-thunder-engagement-savanna-sutton-photography-oklahoma-photographer-okc-tulsa-ada_0016okc-thunder-engagement-savanna-sutton-photography-oklahoma-photographer-okc-tulsa-ada_0017okc-thunder-engagement-savanna-sutton-photography-oklahoma-photographer-okc-tulsa-ada_0018Be on the lookout for Part 2 of Anna & Taylor’s Engagement session at Southwind Hills Barn Venue!!


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