Lifestyle Newborn Session | Reid Murphy

Reid Murphy

I absolutely LOVED shooting Reid’s newborn session.  Emily and her husband, Bo invited me into their home to do a lifestyle session of their newest member of the family, Reid.  Born on October, 30th, 2014, he was just six days young when we did the session.  Between 4-7 days is usually the prefect time for newborn portraits because they are so sleepy and still pretty flexible.  Although I don’t do a whole lot of posing, it’s still essential that baby is in the “sleepy stage”.

We were able to get lots of shots throughout the house, starting in the master bedroom where Emily had a bassinet that had been in the family for several generations.  Little personal touches like that make each shoot so unique and special, so I was glad she brought this to my attention.

After spending some time in the master bedroom (and getting some shots with their dog), we moved to the living room, which was decorated so cute and cozy.  Seriously, it looked like Pottery Barn in there!!  Being an interior design major, I really appreciate a well decorated house! I captured lots of shots of Reid spending some time with Mom and Dad in the living room, then we headed off  to Reid’s nursery.  They had everything just perfect for him! When Emily first contacted me about doing a session, she stressed the importance of getting a few images of his nursery so she could send them to family out of state.  We wrapped the session up with a few “posed ” shots.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from Reid’s session.

Newborn in bassinet-Savanna Sutton PhotographyOklahoma-newborn-photographer-savanna-sutton-photography-oklahoma city- tulsa-newborn-ada-oklahoma-photographer_0002Oklahoma-newborn-photographer-savanna-sutton-photography-oklahoma city- tulsa-newborn-ada-oklahoma-photographer_0003

lifestyle newborn-Savanna Sutton PhotographyOklahoma-newborn-photographer-savanna-sutton-photography-oklahoma city- tulsa-newborn-ada-oklahoma-photographer_0005Oklahoma-newborn-photographer-savanna-sutton-photography-oklahoma city- tulsa-newborn-ada-oklahoma-photographer_0006Oklahoma-newborn-photographer-savanna-sutton-photography-oklahoma city- tulsa-newborn-ada-oklahoma-photographer_0007Newborn Session-Savanna Sutton PhotographyOklahoma-newborn-photographer-savanna-sutton-photography-oklahoma city- tulsa-newborn-ada-oklahoma-photographer_0009Oklahoma-newborn-photographer-savanna-sutton-photography-oklahoma city- tulsa-newborn-ada-oklahoma-photographer_0013Newborn Photography-Savanna Sutton PhotographyNewborn Details-Savanna Sutton PhotographyOklahoma-newborn-photographer-savanna-sutton-photography-oklahoma city- tulsa-newborn-ada-oklahoma-photographer_0011Oklahoma-newborn-photographer-savanna-sutton-photography-oklahoma city- tulsa-newborn-ada-oklahoma-photographer_0014Oklahoma-newborn-photographer-savanna-sutton-photography-oklahoma city- tulsa-newborn-ada-oklahoma-photographer_0018Newborn Photography-Savanna Sutton PhotographyOklahoma-newborn-photographer-savanna-sutton-photography-oklahoma city- tulsa-newborn-ada-oklahoma-photographer_0016Oklahoma-newborn-photographer-savanna-sutton-photography-oklahoma city- tulsa-newborn-ada-oklahoma-photographer_0017Oklahoma-newborn-photographer-savanna-sutton-photography-oklahoma city- tulsa-newborn-ada-oklahoma-photographer_0019Oklahoma-newborn-photographer-savanna-sutton-photography-oklahoma city- tulsa-newborn-ada-oklahoma-photographer_0020Oklahoma-newborn-photographer-savanna-sutton-photography-oklahoma city- tulsa-newborn-ada-oklahoma-photographer_0021Oklahoma-newborn-photographer-savanna-sutton-photography-oklahoma city- tulsa-newborn-ada-oklahoma-photographer_0022


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