Fall Family Sessions- What to Wear

Savanna Sutton Photography- Fall Family Session Style Guide


With Fall just around the corner, I thought now would be a good time to share some tips on what to wear for your Fall Family Photography Sessions.  I get a lot of questions from clients on what photographs the best for portrait sessions and although I can’t dress you, or tell you what to wear, I can definitely point you in the right direction with some do’s and don’ts /tips and tricks.



We all know the feeling of rushing around town the night before an event trying to find that perfect outfit, and finding nothing.  You’ve booked your session, now start gathering ideas on how you will dress you and your family!  Use resources such as Pinterest to create style boards of outfits you like.  Pinterest can also be a good guide on how to put together an outfit.  I have created a “WHAT TO WEAR-FALL SESSION” board on my pinterest account for some additional ideas.  CLICK HERE to see some fun ideas!


Every family is different, what works for one family, may not work for yours.  Be sure to let your families personality show through your clothing choice.  Remember, just as each family is different.. the same applies for each individual family member.  Everyone should be diverse.

Savanna Sutton Photography- Fall Family Session Style Guide


You should always think about your surroundings.   Make sure your outfit is comfortable for your surroundings.  Example: You probably don’t want to be wearing stilettos if we are in the woods.  A more appropriate choice would be boots that you can layer over jeans.


You want to COORDINATE AND COMPLEMENT but not be MATCHY-MATCHY.  Start off with a basic color palette and go from there.  Sometime it helps if you have one “outgoing” family member that’s willing to wear something that carries a pattern, and then pull solids from that outfit.  Don’t be afraid of mixing patterns.  It’s okay for one family member to have a floral pattern and for another to have on a striped shirt, while everyone else has on a solid.  Pattern and color can really add interest to your family photos.  You want to look different enough that if I split you up into pairs, no one matches.  Everyone should look like they are attending the same event!

Savanna Sutton Photography- Fall Family Session Style guide5. WHITE ISN’T THE ONLY NEUTRAL

When thinking about neutrals, white isn’t the only neutral color!  Remember: Black, Tan, Blush, Nude, Navy, and Gray’s all all forms of a neutral color.



Layering and adding accessories are a great way to add color if you are dressing more neutral.  Think jewelry, cardigans, boots, belts, scarves, hats, and vest.  These are all fun ways to add a little bit of depth and show personality.  Be sure not to go overboard and overwhelm the subject.  Once again, stay true to your personality and most importantly.. stay comfortable.  Which brings me to #7.

Savanna Sutton Photography- Fall Family Session Style Guide


This doesn’t mean show up in your favorite sweat pants and uggs.  This just means to be aware that you will most likely be interacting with your family. Walking, throwing your kid up in the air, or having them sit on your shoulders!  You don’t want your children to be pulling at their clothes or grumpy because they are uncomfortable.  You want to be able to move freely!


Will you be using these photos on Christmas Cards, Hanging in a specific room of your home, or simply going digital and sharing them on facebook.  My home is neutral with pops of orange.  If I were planning on hanging a canvas of the images from my session I would coordinate around that, choosing a neutral color with a pop of color in my accessories.

Savanna Sutton Photography-Fall Family Session Style Guide


9. DOs

Be comfortable, layer, accessorize, smile, don’t be afraid to let your personality shine.

10. DON’Ts

Wear the same solid color.. matching is dated.  Stay current and fashionable, but avoid obvious trends that will be dated soon.  This will keep your photos remaining timeless.  No bright white socks or sneakers unless we are talking about Converse or Vans.  Avoid anything with logos (Nike, Gap) . Don’t forget to remove the hair tie from around your wrist.. I am the worst about this!! No billed hats or sunglasses!


At the end of the day, it’s about capturing the love between your family.  Don’t stress too much about finding the perfect outfit.. Just have fun!  For those of you signed up for the 2014 FALL FAMILY SESSION, it’s going to be a good one!  Hopefully these tricks and tips will help guide you as you get ready for your session.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!!  Don’t forget to check out Savanna Sutton’s “What to Wear” board on Pinterest. FOUND HERE! 



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