Bridal Show: Building the Wall -Part 1

Hi guys!

I’ve been prepping and getting ready to attend the OK Bridal Show in Ardmore, Oklahoma on August 17th!  This will be my first one to attend, so if any of you will be there- be sure to stop by Savanna Sutton Photography’s booth and say hello!! With that being said.. I have been stressing about how I will set up the booth.  Although I was an Interior Design major, and I can produce an array of construction documents, actually putting them to life is another story.  Lucky for me, my dad is a pretty handy guy and was able to make my pinterest project come to life.  I have been pinning ideas for weeks and came across a “how to” of building a pallet wall, which was used for a bridal show booth.  I thought this might be the easiest route in terms of having an actual “wall”.  So, this past Saturday my Dad and I headed to the Depot for some supplies!!

Here is the process so far!

Home Depot SuppliesAfter collecting 6 pallets from a friend (Scott Nevland), we bought 8- 2″x4″x8′ boards to use to secure them together and construct legs.  My dad also picked out which screws we would need.  As you can see.. there are a million options and I would have surely picked the wrong ones.

Pallet Wall ConstructionWe replaced broken boards and secured the ones that looked questionable with staples.  Once everything was replaced and secured, we used the 8′ 2×4’s  to hold them together (leaving 1.5″ for the legs), we attached 2′ legs and got the braces ready.  My Dad had some extra in his shop, so we used those but I am sure Home Depot also had some.

Pallet WallTa-Da!! Pallet Wall #1 is finished.  The wall is about 8′ high so you will need a bag of sand to place over the legs in the back to hold the wall securely in place.  How bad would that suck if your booth wall fell.. yikes.

Pallet wallOnce we finished all 3 sections, we placed a 10′ 2×4 across the back (where the legs are) for extra support.  I thought it was appropriate to take a selfie with the finished wall.. even though the real credit goes to my Dad for spending his Saturday afternoon building my pinterest project:) Thanks Dad!!

Pallet WallFinal measurements are 8’tall and about 1/16″ short of 10′ ! Prefect!

Side Note: I used my IPhone camera for these pictures..

Stay Posted for more updates on the wall and Bridal Show!

  • Kim - How did you transport it?ReplyCancel

    • admin - We had it in 3 panels that all screwed together. We took them apart and when we got to the venue, we screwed them together again.ReplyCancel

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