Justus Family

Lakeside Photos

The Justus Family is so incredibly adorable!  On this gorgeous day, we met south of Ada at the nature trails for their session!  The sun was setting so the lighting was perfect.  We started with some pictures of the whole family lakeside, what a beautiful backdrop.

Savanna Sutton Photography Blog

After that, I focused on the kids!! I mean, they are dressed so adorable!!!!

lakeside-family-photos-oklahoma-photographer-savannasuttonphotography-ada-oklahoma_0012lakeside-family-photos-oklahoma-photographer-savannasuttonphotography-ada-oklahoma_0013lakeside-family-photos-oklahoma-photographer-savannasuttonphotography-ada-oklahoma_0014Savanna Sutton Photography Blog

Such personality!!! Pictures with Mom and Dad were next up!  You can just feel the love with this family!!

lakeside-family-photos-oklahoma-photographer-savannasuttonphotography-ada-oklahoma_0002lakeside-family-photos-oklahoma-photographer-savannasuttonphotography-ada-oklahoma_0004lakeside-family-photos-oklahoma-photographer-savannasuttonphotography-ada-oklahoma_0003Savanna Sutton Photography BlogAfter spending some time lakeside, we decided to walk the trails before the sun set.  I think it’s fair to say we had some fun!!

lakeside-family-photos-oklahoma-photographer-savannasuttonphotography-ada-oklahoma_0008Savanna Sutton Photography blogWhat a fun session!! I loved everything about it!! Here are a few more of my favorite shots from the day!

lakeside-family-photos-oklahoma-photographer-savannasuttonphotography-ada-oklahoma_0007lakeside-family-photos-oklahoma-photographer-savannasuttonphotography-ada-oklahoma_0006Savanna Sutton Photography BLog


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